I’m Maddie Sinclair – a stay-at-home mum to a wriggly 6 year old boy, Callum, and a smiley 3 year old girl, Freya. I grew up in a small village called Jamberoo in New South Wales, Australia, but now my British husband, Doug, and I live as a family of 4 in Brighton, East Sussex, in the United Kingdom.

This blog is called ‘Gammon & Chips’ after nicknames we have for both of our kiddiewinks. ‘Gammon’ came about because a friend’s little girl couldn’t pronounce ‘Callum’, and then it happened again with another little girl. Then one day when I was pregnant with Freya, we asked Callum what he would like to call his little sister. As he heartily devoured some of his grandma’s renowned home made potato treats, he answered with a smile… ‘Chips’. We laughed at how perfectly they went together, and that was it – they’ve stuck.

Doug works long hours in London, so I have my hands full with Gammon and Chips most days, but when I’m not mothering I can be found freelancing from home. Having spent my pre-child career working in advertising agencies in London, Brighton, Sydney and Canberra, I now run a proofreading, copy editing and copywriting business, Maddie Sinclair Copywriting & Proofreading, plus I am a freelance writer and now… blogger.

The idea behind this blog is to document all the funny things, no matter how small or insignificant they seem, that happen in the world of parenting – specifically in the lives of Gammon and Chips, but I also hope that parallels can be drawn for other parents that will inform and, hopefully, amuse.

In my spare time I am also the Campaign Manager for the anti-bullying campaign ‘Love For Izzy Dix’, after our dear family friend, 14 year old Devon schoolgirl, Izzy Dix, tragically took her own life on 17th September 2013 after being bullied at school, in the community and online. Please sign our Change.org petition, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Plus, I’ll be shamelessly parading my freelance journalism work, much of which centres around topics such as pregnancy, birth, parenting, family-friendly travel and bullying. I have a monthly column in The Argus newspaper about gender issues which aims to raise self-esteem in girls called ‘Think Beyond Pink‘. You can follow it on Twitter here.

So, here we go… The Adventures of Gammon & Chips – because every day should be an adventure!


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  1. Ha ha. It generally eats into my sleep time. No wonder I’m walking around like Katie Holmes at a Royal Shakespeare Company rehearsal! Well, Callum is in nursery a bit too, so I get a bit done then if I’m not doing proofreading.

  2. I gotta say I love a good gammon and chips at my local Harvesters, lol cute and clever name for you blog. Kids continue to be an inspiration :0)

  3. Thanking you very muchly MsXpat! Yes, you can’t beat a good plate of gammon and chips can you. Always something to look forward to, but makes you feel a little bit dirty after you’ve finished, especially if there is pineapple on top. Thanks for visiting my blog! 🙂

  4. love the name gammon and chips and how cute they way it came about! Am very jealous of you living in brighton (my home town which I miss lots!) xxx

  5. Fab to get to know more about you Maddie. Love how Gammon & Chips came about! Really pleased to see how successful the Izzy Dix campaign has been, well done xxx

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