We’re back! So… what have we been up to?

Gammon & Chips at Shellharbour Beach

Gammon & Chips at Shellharbour Beach

Hello strangers! Sorry, I know it’s been a while. I’m the first to admit that I’ve been a bit neglectful of my little old Gammon and Chips blog of late. Not intentionally, but somehow life just seemed to get in the way. So to get back up to speed in one fell blogpost, here are some things we’ve been doing since I last posted.

  1. I journeyed to Australia and back in a metal box for 24+ hours with two wriggly kids and survived. We had a lovely holiday, spent quality time with my family and basked in the sunshine like a family of lazy lizards.

    It's Shaun the Sheep. It's Shaun the Sheep.

    It’s Shaun the Sheep. It’s Shaun the Sheep.

  2. Gammon, Chips and I made the most of the February half-term with a trip to the Tower of London, followed by a screening of the brilliant ‘Shaun The Sheep’ movie courtesy of the very lovely Best Western who were highlighting their ‘under 12s stay and eat breakfast for free (plus get a free welcome pack) at over 275 hotels around the UK’ premise.
  3. I danced for six-hours non-stop at the Red Nose Day Danceathon as part of the blogging team ‘Team Honk’ and together we raised £34,669 for Comic Relief.
  4. Family Gammon & Chips holidayed in Ringwood in the New Forest during April half-term with Family A Field Somewhere and rediscovered the joys of hot tubs, saunas, swimming outside in the rain, charity shops and ponies.


    Mum's Masala – the world's healthiest curry?

    Mum’s Masala – the world’s healthiest curry?

  5. I took to the kitchen with a curry in a jar that didn’t taste at all like a curry in a jar. Thanks to ‘Mum’s Masala‘ for the sample and for the epiphany that I can have a healthy curry on a fast day as part of my 5:2 diet regime.
  6. Chips and I visited the Brighton baby shop Great Expectations to look at their cool Kiddy car seats (ultra safe German product which we have for both Gammon and Chips) and a whole host of stylish buggies, cots and highchairs – almost makes me want to have another one (just kidding… not really!)
  7. The Brighton Festival has started and we took part in the Children’s Parade that kicks it all off. The festival theme this year is ‘Flight’ and Gammon and Chips’ school celebrated the Julia Donaldson book ‘Follow the Swallow’. We’re also looking forward to lots of crazy hijinks as part of the Brighton Fringe festival throughout May.

    Look – he's on the farm!

    Look – he’s on the farm!

  8. She's having a woodland party!

    She’s having a woodland party!

    My lovely friend Pippa who works for Sophie Allport homewares emailed me to tell me about their two newly launched collections for children – ‘On The Farm’ with tractors, cows, jeeps and sheep, and ‘Woodland Party’ with hares, hedgehogs and owls. The designs have been produced across backpacks, lunch bags, kiddie-sized aprons and wrapping paper. Bless… if those little models were any more adorable, they’d be looking down at us from the top of the Christmas tree, don’t you think?

    Dropping some rather large  names at Merkaba

    Dropping some rather large names at Merkaba

  9. Sarah from A Field Somewhere and I were kindly invited to demolish some of the best cocktails I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting in the Merkaba bar at Brighton’s MyHotel courtesy of the Friends of Brighton Fringe – a fab membership club where you get discounts on Brighton Fringe tickets and other benefits around Brighton all year round. The pink ‘Name Dropper’ cocktails were just DEVINE!
  10. Gammon, Chips and I did a bit of election canvassing last week for Brighton Pavilion Green Party candidate Caroline Lucas. It must have helped in its own little way, because Caroline stormed it home and was re-elected with an 11% increased majority. We might now be surrounded by a sea of Conservative Blue, but Brighton and Hove is now a little Green and Red sanctuary that I’m proud to call my home. I’m also a little bit in love with this amazing lady. Proper girl crush and all.

    Getting our Green on with Caroline Lucas MP.

    Getting our Green on with Caroline Lucas MP.

So apologies that it’s been so long and I promise not to leave it so long again *wraps knuckles*. In fact, I have a competition to win a Gro-clock sleep training clock going up tomorrow, so keep an eye out for it if you finally want to get rid of those irritating matchsticks propping up your eyelids.

Later alligator,

Maddie xoxo

*Disclaimer: I was sent a few little freebies in return for writing this post, including a trip to the cinema to see Shaun the Sheep, some Mum’s Masala and a goodie bag from Great Expectations… however everything else I’ve written about is just because I bloody well love it – especially the Greens… and pink cocktails which taste like creaming soda. Yum!

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  1. Welcome back lovely lady, sounds like you’ve been very busy! Congrats on helping Caroline Lucas get reelected. I votes green but sadly they weren’t very popular in my area xx

    • Thank you!!! Yes, very sad that First Past The Post doesn’t help with Green votes. Electoral reform is very much needed – preferential voting is definitely the way forward in the UK methinks. Maddie xoxo

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