Say ‘kerching’ to Azimo international money transfer

Screen Shot 2014-12-02 at 23.19.01As an Aussie expat living in the UK, I do a lot of cash shifting. Not in a dodgy money laundering fashion, but more in a ‘bloody hell these UK house prices are ridiculous, better go begging cap in hand to The Bank of Mum and Dad’ type-of-way. Initially it was sending money from Australia to the UK for life events like travelling and our wedding, but now that I’m settled and earning in the UK it’s more the other way round.

I send dosh from the UK to Australia for all types of little things – visits home, savings, even birthday presents for family and friends (take that expensive Royal Mail postage rates!) But the truth of it is that it’s all a bit of a faff.

First you’ve got to find one that transfers to Australia. Then you’ve got to find one with a good rate AND low fees (virtually impossible – I get sucked in by one, only to find that the other has been hiked up to compensate). And don’t forget all the ridiculous phone calls that go with actually making it happen.

Add to that my fairly strong dislike of the banking industry and all that it stands for *ahem* *bankers* (sorry about the typo on the first letter there) and it’s all a bit tricky.

So I was pleased to hear about Azimo – an online-only overseas money transfer service which claims to be 85% cheaper than the High Street Banks and online money transfer companies, mainly through a decrease in overheads due to having no shops or agents.

They’re based in London and offer a convenient money transfer service with fair and transparent pricing. From the UK you can send coinage to over 190 countries, and to the UK from 19 countries (mainly European ones).

And the best bit? Well, knock me over with a feather and call me Susan – they actually seem to be striving to be an ethical banking company (I know – I thought that was an oxymoron too!) They’re committed to helping good causes in destination countries and have pledged to give 10% of their profits to charity. I’m impressed!

So if you’re looking to shift some wonga, why not give Azimo a go? If you’re a fan of cashback site Quidco like I am, you can also get £5 cashback for every genuine new transfer, making whatever rate you get even better value!

If you transfer money this holiday season (before the chimes of Big Ben start bonging on New Year’s Eve), you’ll be in with a chance to win two free return flight tickets from Europe to anywhere in the world*. And every time you send money, you get another chance to enter the comp.

Azimo claim to have created a way to send money that suits people’s modern lifestyles – online, mobile and social. Probably worth checking out next time you’ve got some currency to shift. I know I’ll definitely look them up when the time comes – a quick check now has fees of only £1 for sending £100 to Australia and a good rate too. Not bad. Not bad at all!

*Ts and Cs apply.

**Disclaimer: this is a collaborative post.

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  1. This sounds great Maddie. I always find it a right nightmare to send money to my family and end up buying crappy vouchers for my nieces and nephew in Australia or following my mums terrible example of sending actual cash by post. (Never a good idea and been lost or thrown in the bin twice!) Will be sure to give it a go. x

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