How to make cool kids’ rooms with very little effort

'Spaceman – blue' by AME 72

‘Spaceman – blue’ by AME 72

OK, so I’ve been meaning to spruce up both Gammon and Chips’ bedrooms for absolutely ages now – both of these To Do items have been on my Apple Reminders for well over 100 days and Mr Gammon keeps laughing at my inadequacies when he sees this fact broadcast on my laptop with bells and whistles.

I’m generally the type of decorator who goes for plain magnolia coloured walls (not because I like it – it’s boring – but because it’s cheap, easy and warms things up a bit). Instead, I try to stamp my mark by adding loads of amazing examples of artwork (which you can take with you if you move).

I’m keen for the kids to have rooms which they love – but not at the expense of caving in to their demands for Lightning McQueen lightshades and wallpaper of ridiculously-proportioned Disney Princesses which could potentially put Chips off her…erm… chips. The kids will grow older – and so too will their taste in decoration (thank god!) – so I’m all about choosing something classic, ageless and cool.

Feature wall – Clouds Blue by Farg Form

Feature wall – Clouds Blue by Farg Form

I’ve had some very funky Swedish blue sky and white cloud wallpaper by Farg Form that I bought in February from This Modern Life sitting in Gammon’s room ready to go up for eons, but have been procrastinating about doing anything with it. The trés retro print was designed by Gunila Axén in the 1960s and has now been turned into a wallpaper which is coated with an environmentally-friendly varnish making it washable and wear-resistant – perfect for anything within a 20m radius of Gammon.

Then I received the lovely offer of a wall mural from the brilliant people at 1Wall and realised I could kill two birds with the one stone and give Chips a cool kids’ room too! They have some great murals on their website, but I chose a super fab Summer Forest Wall Mural which retails at £49.99. It’s a high-quality digital print of a forest scene and measures 10 feet wide x 7.6 feet tall (3.15m x 2.32m).

Forest wall mural by 1wall

Forest wall mural by 1wall

After dismissing the ridiculous belief that Mr Gammon and I were ever going to get around to putting this up ourselves, I turned to Check A Trade as my salvation and found a decorator (Carl) who could help us out. It turned out to be the right decision – he had both rooms done in under half a day and they look amazing.

Carl did say that the mural was pretty simple to put up though, as it comes in four easy-to-hang pieces and can be trimmed to size as necessary. It’s easy to match up all the pieces, because you just make sure the branches of the trees all meet in the image – it’s a bit like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle!

If you’re interested to see how easy it is to hang – here’s a video:

So – what do you reckon? Do you think these are cool kids’ rooms?

*Disclaimer: we were sent a wall mural by 1wall for the purposes of this review. We purchased the Farg Form wallpaper ourselves.

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  1. Lazy cow. I could have come round and helped you hang a few rolls of wallpaper if you had asked. Looks fab though. Love the mural. Must get one for Hunny as Daisy has her wall of daisies already. (Mind you, we did almost get divorced over hanging all 8 bits properly)

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