Digital Parents Blog Carnival – September 2014

Digital Parents Blog Carnival

Hello! And welcome to the latest Digital Parents Blog Carnival. This month’s celebration is a little different – it’s winging its way to you from the other side of the world. That’s right, the boomerang has landed in the UK for September’s collection of blog posts… I’m an Aussie expat Digital Parent living in Brighton, about an hour south of London… but don’t worry, like all good boomerangs it’ll make its way back to Oz in time for October’s carnival.

There are some amazing posts this month – from sleep deprivation, cooking and books, to social media, going shopping in your PJs and Iggy Azalea. But I’m going to kick it off this month (host’s privileges!) with a post about the anti-bullying campaign we’ve been running for the past year in the wake of the heartbreaking suicide of our dear friend, Izzy Dix. Thanks for visiting… I hope you’ve enjoyed your virtual trip to the UK.


Don’t bully. Love Instead. Love for Izzy Dix #OneYearOn by Gammon & Chips

A year ago I received the news that we lost our close family friend – 14 year old, Izzy Dix. I’ll never forget that phone call.

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Iggy Azalea – exploited or exploiter? by Anti-Princess Mama

The world’s biggest name in hip-hop right now grew up in a town near mine. I just can’t figure out if she’s being exploited or doing her own exploiting.

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Things to add to your medicine chest once you have kids by Your Cheeky Monkey

I am bemoaning all the additions you need to add to your medicine cabinet once you have kids!

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M is for Mothering by I’ll Be There With a Fork

What mothering means to me.

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Why I participate in #everydaystyle by You Learn Something New Every Day

Earlier this year, I realised I had no style. I rotated the same outfits day in, day out, and I wasn’t feeling good about myself. So I started playing along with Styling You’s #everydaystyle, and I’m surprised at how much I’m getting out of it.

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Muslims and Me by Pinky Poinker

Thinking about other cultures and religions from a mother’s point of view.

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How to make hexagon frames for instagram pics by TOMFO

Follow this easy tutorial to make your own hexagon fames for your Instagram snaps. A super easy DIY idea and there’s a free printable too! A great way to put your memories on show and make a stunning addition to your home decor.

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The day Spotty Mushroom Head walked the plank by Mama Finch

What I’ve learned about bath toys. A story about pirates, and grey slime.

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Why I don’t weigh myself during pregnancy and why you shouldn’t either by A Mother Far From Home

A funny post on why weighing yourself during pregnancy is pointless medically and can be damaging emotionally.

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Kids Are Now 6 by Mummy to Twins

Mummy to Twins is a parenting and lifestyle blog. The blog showcases things to do with kids, cooking, giveaways, craft, fitness and so much more.

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View from Above by Two Little Humans and Me

A mum’s blog with two little humans in tow!

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How to be a Man by Dadinating The Countryside

Thinking about what to say when my son inevitably asks me: “How do I be a man?”

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Do you like being angry? by A Blog of Her Own

What would you say if someone asked you this question? It was challenging to discover that anger is my default setting.

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Planning a treasure hunt by The Kids Menu

Kids driving you crazy these holidays? Here’s a really simple activity to keep them entertained, active and outdoors soaking up some of the beautiful spring weather – simply pack a picnic and head to your fave outdoor space.

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Tuesdays: Recipe ~ Chicken and veg Sausage Rolls by Becci’s Domestic Bliss

A new {to us} twist on the good old sausage roll.

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Five Best Jobs For a Stay at Home Mum by Sweet Words Pretty Pictures

A post covering five jobs that are achievable for a stay at home mum, including blogging, makeup artistry, bookkeeping, turning a craft into a business and party planning.

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Dad: A Son’s First Hero; A Daughter’s First Love by Hey Mama!

Celebrating Father’s Day and the amazing and important role modern fathers play in their children’s lives.

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Her Majesty by Raising Misters

My nervous post from outside a court house, written while I waited to be told by a stranger that I am no longer married.

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Sewing Machine Mat Tutorial by The Crafty Mummy

How to sew a mat for under your sewing machine with pockets in front and a special loop to keep your sewing scissors on hand.

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The Pros and Cons Of Life As A Redhead by Barbie Bieber and Beyond

All my life I have been called every name that a redhead can be called. I have been singed by the sun more times than I can count… Maybe it’s time, though, to embrace my “redheadedness”… Because along with the bad I am realising that it can be pretty good too to be a “ranga”…

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How to keep sane during the school holidays by Creating Contentment

I need to know how to keep sane during the school holidays. And, I need to continue to practice this as we continue homeschooling.

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Goodbye Winter by The Climbing Tree

A photographic recount of Winter, in black & white.

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Must Do Tips for Making a Month Worth of Meals in One Afternoon by Simplify Create Inspire

Tips to start freezer cooking and have your family meals prepared in one afternoon for a whole month.

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My Two Year Old Only Has One Ear. This is Why by Hugzilla

A humorous post aimed at raising awareness for Microtia – my toddler’s genetic condition, and the reason he only has one ear.

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What Skulls Taught Me About Business Planning by 26 Years and Counting

What an evolutionary anthropology class and skulls taught me about business planning.

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5 tips to cope with sleep deprivation and work by Daycare Decisions

So the research says you need 8 hours of sleep a night and maybe you didn’t even quite make it to 8 hours when you didn’t have kids. Having a baby for me was a very rude awakening to my lifestyle and ‘having my cake and eating it’ attitude. After I had my first baby I was super mum. I was awake all day smashing out the washing, cleaning, dinner, basically being a super wifey. It all came crashing down about 6 weeks after I had my son. This post is to normalise the way mums try and function as super humans but sleep has a habit of catching up with you somehow. I’ve written 5 practical tips to really help a mummy get through:)

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What to do in Bangkok with kids by Mums on the Go

With a 2 day stopover in Bangkok we didn’t want to overwhelm our kids with sightseeing. We carefully selected experiences and attractions to give them a taste of Thailand.

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Little feet grow fast – what to do with those old kids shoes? by Gift Grapevine

What do you do with your old shoes? Why not donate them to help kids in need? The inspiring work that one Aussie organisation is doing with secondhand shoes.

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The books that changed the way I saw the world by Crushingcinders: Odd ramblings of an obsessed reader

This post describes three books and how they had a positive influence in my life. Includes a children’s picture book called Rabbityness.

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Beginnings by Where The Wild Things Were

There’s no limits on turning over a new leaf…

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New – Barilla Gluten Free Pasta by Gluten Free Hart

A review on the NEW fabulous pasta from Barilla.

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Would you go shopping in your pyjamas? by No Excuses!

Driving the kids to school and pulling into the drop-off zone, you turn to kiss each child goodbye for the day while making sure each has their school bag and lunch. Suddenly out the corner of your eye you see a fellow mother walking out of the school office in their pyjama pants with a jumper covering her PJ top or another with her frilly nightie showing underneath a trench coat walking her children to their classrooms.

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5 Tips For Using Facebook Groups by Life Behind The Purple Door

My top five tips for getting the most out of groups without being annoying to other members.

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6 Tips for Surviving a Book Fair by Honey Bee Books

If you’re planning to brave a secondhand book fair with kids in tow, here are a few tips and tricks for surviving while still bagging a few bookish bargains.

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6 Pieces You Need to Update your Wardrobe for Summer by Checks and Spots

Not sure how to update your wardrobe for the warmer months? I’ve rounded up six pieces that will slot seamlessly into your current repertoire and refresh your look for Summer.

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Best Ever Homemade Carrot Cake by Zamamabakes

This cake will have anyone you make it for begging for the recipe. It’s moist, it’s delicious, it’s pretty and it’s very easy to make! Three simple and very attractive ingredients; pineapple, cream cheese and white chocolate send this cake to the next level… Is your mouth watering yet? You’re going to be in carrot cake heaven!

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Why don’t more mums give acceptance instead of advice? by Have A Laugh On Me

Just between you and me, there are days when I am completely over being told how I can improve myself and my parenting skills.

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When Daddies Attack by Dad’s the Boss

It’s tough being a baby, but trying to avoid injury at the hands of your own clumsy, fat-fingered daddy is really unfair.


10 Things I’ve Learned This Week by The Mother Load Australia

A little wrap up on an interesting week, filled with lessons.

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