Think Beyond Pink: August 2014 – FGM is not OK

This newspaper column was actually published a few weeks ago, while I was on holiday, so I’m only now getting the chance to put it up on my blog for anyone who wants to read it (and doesn’t have access to my social media feeds, etc).

Here is the link to the article online.


Let’s not normalise the euphemism of ‘FGM’

And here’s the link to the amazing and incredibly catch FGM campaign music video, #UseYourHead, by Integrate Bristol that I mention in the article. Will you ‘buckle up and join our revolution’?:

In the time since I wrote this article, it seems that the campaign of Fahma Mohamed and Integrate Bristol has been truly successful in raising awareness about female genital mutilation, and kickstarting government and police action against it. A woman was arrested at Heathrow Airport on 8th May on suspicion of conspiracy to commit FGM, after arriving on a flight from Sierra Leone with a 13-year-old Sierra-Leonean girl, who was subsequently taken into the care of social services. The arrest followed a week-long initiative by the Met Police, Border Force and National Crime Agency at Heathrow Airport aimed at preventing and detecting FGM. The co-ordinated national week of action was in conjunction with six other UK airports and police forces: Essex, Avon and Somerset, Greater Manchester, West Yorkshire, Sussex and West Midlands. The project also included educational activities, including training officers and staff at Heathrow to raise awareness of FGM and identify those who might be affected, as well as checks on passengers and baggage searches.

Would any of this have happened if it wasn’t for Fahma’s brave vision and public cry for help? I’m so inspired by these campaigns of change and the evidence that one individual truly can make a difference for the better. I’m joining the revolution – are you with me?

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