Review: Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home

A while back, we were sent a Little People Happy Sounds Home for Chips to review from the lovely people at Fisher Price.

Now I must say that, in the spirit of trying to win eco-brownie points with the universe, I try to buy my chunky plastic items as second hand goods from car boot sales, so it made a nice change to give something to Chips to play with without half scratched off stickers of farm animals and puppy dogs plastered all over it already.

Chips was pretty excited. I don’t think she’d ever seen a toy come in a box before.

Little People Happy Sounds Home boxed

“What? A toy for me without half the pieces missing! This is novel mummy”

I’ve been writing about ‘pinkification‘ quite a bit lately in my column in The Argus ‘Women Actually’ section, so I guess I’d better explain where I stand on pink plastic toys.

Personally – I love the colour pink. I wasn’t too keen on it as a girl, as I was a bit of a tomboy, but now that I’m a confident, self-assured adult, I have started gettin’ on down and boogying with my pink side.

As far as my kiddiewinks go – I’m very happy for both Gammon AND Chips to play with pink toys. Four-year-old Gammon has a little pink pushchair that he pushes a pink doll called Bubba around in, and two-year-old Chips will choose pink items at every given opportunity (I just sometimes try to steer her to a different colour so she has a good balance of the spectrum in her life).

I have no problem with the colour pink in itself – just sometimes when it is the ONLY colour option for ‘girls’; and especially when paired with blue as the ONLY colour option for ‘boys’.

"Let's play house"

“Let’s play house”

So, now that I’ve got that out of the way – the Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home is a little bit pink. But that’s OK with me – it has other colours too, so all good. With it’s Mum, Dad and baby characters, it’s obviously targeted towards girls, and I think that’s fine too – although Gammon’s been enjoying playing with it as well, so that’s great in my book.

Let Chips tell you herself what she likes about it in this video: IMG_4031

The way it works is simple – you click it together from the box really easily – there are a couple of screws to fix in, but nothing you need to call Handy Andy round to help out with.

There’s a mum and a dad and a baby and a purple car and a table set for breakfast (with a little imprinted bowl of cheerios, bless!) and a toilet and a baby high chair and a carport and… and… and… NOISES.

"This is the happy house, we're happy here in the happy house. Oh, it's such fun, fun, fun. We've come to play in the happy house"

“This is the happy house. We’re happy here in the happy house. Oh, it’s such fun, fun, fun. We’ve come to play in the happy house”

That’s right. The house is full of ‘happy sounds’ too.

You can push an assortment of buttons and it plays songs, the telephone rings, a baby cries… you get the gist.

It’s also got this ‘day/night’ disc that you can twist around and it changes the noises from ‘happy day sounds’ to ‘happy night sounds’. It’s really very interactive and Chips loves this element of it.

This dolls house is really pretty cool and I would have loved this when I was Chips’ age. The one thing that I think it’s worth pointing out about this product is that the voices are all in an American accent, in that cheerful, high-energy Brady Bunch soaked-in-sugar type of way. You can pretty much hear them smiling. So, to be honest, like any kids’ toy with sound on a parental ear, it does get on your nerves a bit after a few rounds of non-stop repetition, but it’s pretty harmless and easy enough to drown out if need be by whacking ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ up to 11 on the stereo.

If you’d like a happy home with some happy sounds, you can get a Little People Happy Sounds Home from Argos for £39.99.

So, Chips is very happy. Gammon’s very happy. The mum, dad and baby are obviously extremely happy. And I’m happy too, because my kids are happy. And now I’ve got Siouxsie and the Banshees’ ‘Happy House’ going round in my head, so what’s not to like there.

*Disclaimer: I was given a Fisher Price Little People Happy Sounds Home for the purposes of this honest review.

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