Think Beyond Pink: July 2014: #LetShoesBeShoes

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I thought I’d post up this month’s ‘Think Beyond Pink’ column for you, which was published in The Argus newspaper today.

It’s about the recent #LetShoesBeShoes campaign against some very naughty and extremely medieval advertising by Clarks shoes. You can read about it here:

Think Beyond Pink: Wed 2nd July 2014

Think Beyond Pink: Wed 2nd July 2014

And here are the actual point-of-sale posters so you can see them more closely:



Yes, I know. I expected better from them too.

And what’s even worse is that up to this point Clarks has refused to a) take their blatantly sexist ads down, b) apologise for them and c) meet with the campaign organisers to discuss how they might improve their gender representations in the future.

I’m very disappointed. I’ve been a huge fan of Clarks up until now.

But I think if they’re not going to play ball, then my feet will be boycotting them from now on.

And if you’re one of those people who thinks that these are just silly little gender stereotypes that don’t matter much in the scheme of things, then please watch this video:

Powerful stuff, hey?!!

In case you’re after it, here’s the online link to my Think Beyond Pink column (which, apart from forgetting to include the actual Clarks poster images, they again haven’t added the article title! Oh well. I’m going to persist with the name – even if they don’t!)

To sign Emma’s #LetShoesBeShoes petition, please click here.

And while you’re getting all social, please follow my new twitter handle @ThinkBeyondPink

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2 thoughts on “Think Beyond Pink: July 2014: #LetShoesBeShoes

  1. That advert is very good. Sometimes I worry that things are going too far, people are getting so over ‘politically correct’ however I think that the girl in the blue dress made a brilliant point. I am a girl, it’s not a bad thing, it is what/who I am. Physically I am not as strong as some men, that is a purely genetics thing and has nothing to do with me, my abilities or anything else.

    if a girl likes blue, wants to play football and wear nothing but jeans and a t-shirt let her. but let’s also accept that some girls like pink and want nothing more than to dress up as a princess.

    I think we have to be careful not to go so over PC that actually woman are pushed too far the other way.

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