Think Beyond Pink: My column in The Argus newspaper

What’s that saying about today’s news being tomorrow’s fish and chip paper?

Well the tardiness of this post has meant this is quite literally true.

You see, it’s taken me a while to get this blog post live as I’ve just returned from a holiday in Turkey, but I had an article published in The Argus – Brighton and Hove’s regional newspaper – on Wednesday 28th May.

It’s about my involvement in the Love for Izzy Dix anti-bullying campaign and is (hopefully) the first article in my ongoing monthly column called ‘Think Beyond Pink’.

It’s in a new weekly section of The Argus called ‘Women Actually‘ (which, to be honest, is a bit like a Brighton version of The Daily Mail’s Femail magazine) and is written BY women FOR women and is primarily about women’s issues.

Women Actually, The Argus, Wed 28th May 2014

Women Actually, The Argus, Wed 28th May 2014

I’ve introduced our campaign and how it strives to raise awareness of low self-esteem amongst young women, particularly in the context of bullying, teen suicide and the type of issues which are woven through the narrative of Izzy’s story.

The idea behind the ‘Think Beyond Pink’ column is that it will discuss what it is to be a female in today’s society and will encourage girls, young women, their mums and loved ones to question, and hopefully think a bit differently, about female gender stereotypes.

So here is issue one in print!

Please ignore the rather inappropriate ‘Scouting for Style’ headline – it should actually say ‘Think Beyond Pink’ – maybe they should employ a proofreader 😉

And here it is as an online article in case you happen to be interested.

I’d love to hear your tales of being a female in today’s world, or the concerns you have for your own daughters (and sons) about gender stereotypes, so please feel free to leave your thoughts in the Comments section below. I’d be ever so grateful!

Don’t worry. Love instead. Love For Izzy Dix.





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