Review: Micro Scooter Balance Bike – G-Bike Plus

I love Micro Scooters. They. Are. Cool.

Gammon has had one since he was about 18 months old. I bought him a second hand blue one from the Friday Ads because he kept ‘borrowing’ those of older children when we went to playgroup. He was really good on it from a very young age – totally fearless!

We bought a new pink one for Chips for her second birthday recently. She is Little Miss Independent and refuses to do Gammon’s school run in the pushchair, so I find whizzing her along on the scooter is a really helpful way of getting her quickly down the hill, and quickly back up again.

Screen Shot 2014-05-07 at 22.46.24I also love Pantone colours. They. Are. Cool. Too.

So how thrilled was I when the lovely people at Micro Scooters offered me one of their new pedal-free Balance Bikes (G-Bike Plus) to review for Chips? They come in gorgeous range of some of my favourite Pantone colours. We chose purple.

photo 4We never had a balance bike for Gammon, and consequently he hasn’t taken to riding a normal bike with stabilisers very well – not like his death defying friends who all learnt to ride on one first before seemingly going straight on to a real bike and skipping the stabilisers stage. I’m hoping this will change for Chips!photo 1 copy

Suitable for children aged 2 plus, the Micro G-Bike Plus is a great first bike and is aimed at helping the very youngest toddlers get off to a flying start.

It’s well made, incredibly lightweight (3.2kg), yet very sturdy, beautifully designed (Swiss) and with an adjustable seat and handlebars.

Chips was a little unsure at first, so let Gammon leap on to it initially. We adjusted the seat up to maximum height and he was actually a little too tall for it – he’s from a long line of vertically challenged relatives, so I think saying they’re suitable for children up to 5 is maybe stretching it a little – maybe 4 is a bit more realistic. But regardless, he had a little play on it before we very easily lowered the seat and Chips assumed the position.

photo 2

She was still a bit wary, and had a bit of a go with us holding on to her, but she could only just touch the floor with her feet (again, that’s the shortie gene) so it’s going to take a little while for her to build her confidence 3

The idea behind the Micro Scooter balance bike is to allow small children to easily and quickly master balance and control making the transition to a bike with pedals fuss-free. The puncture-free wheels are really sturdy, and my prediction is that once Chips gets her confidence up a bit (probably with some noisy encouragement from Gammon) she’ll be zooming around on it like a red porsche after a Brighton seafront parking spot before we know it! She might just have to grow a couple of centimetres in the meantime, but I saw her pack away a plate full of sausages and chips today with culinary gusto so I know that won’t be long at all.

Probably in time for the summer in fact. Can’t bloody wait!

*Disclaimer: We were sent a purple Micro Scooter G-Bike Plus Balance Bike for the purposes of this honest review.




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