Wow! I’ve made the BiBs shortlist in the Commentary category! #BiBs2014


Please vote for Gammon & Chips in the 'Commentary & Campaigns' category

Please vote for Gammon & Chips in the ‘Commentary & Campaigns’ category

Well, knock me down with a feather and call me Susan! I’ve made the 2014 BiBs shortlist! Yeah!!!

You can find me in the ‘Commentary & Campaigns’ category.

Thanks so much to everyone who nominated.

It really means a lot to me, because my involvement is very personal.

I’ve been included for the work I’ve done on the ‘Love for Izzy Dix’ anti-bullying campaign, which I started with my close family friend, Gabbi Dix, after her 14 year old daughter took her own life in September after being bullied at school, in the community and online.

As part of the campaign, we’re trying to raise as much awareness and publicity as we can this year, and are particularly trying to target parent bloggers, as issues surrounding bullying and cyberbullying are very relevant to all mums and dads with children, however young or old the kidlets are.

Don't bully. Love instead. Love for Izzy Dix.

Don’t bully. Love instead. Love for Izzy Dix.

So far, our anti-bullying petition has over 142,000 signatures, our Facebook page has over 13,800 supporters, we’ve fundraised locally, we’ve visited Westminster, I’ve spoken about the campaign on a panel at Mumsnet BlogFest, we’ve had celebrity support from Emma Bunton, Paul Potts, Darren Boyd, Katy Hill, Sheridan Smith, Samia Ghadie, Amanda Abbington, Laura Bates, Amanda Platell, the Loose Women ladies, Caroline Criado-Perez and Josh Franceschi from the band You Me At Six.

We’ve been interviewed by German, Japanese and Greek TV, plus BBCTV, ITV, BBC Radio, HeartFM and PalmFM. We’ve had the campaign and Izzy’s story featured in the Daily Mail, The Sunday Times, The Huffington Post, Daily Star, Mirror, The Telegraph, The Irish Daily Mail, the Scottish Daily Record, The Times, The Sun, New magazine, Pick Me Up, the Herald Express, plus many more.

Gabbi’s had letters from the Prime Minister David Cameron and the Secretary of State for Education, Michael Gove. And we’re currently in talks to have our petition presented to, and discussed in, the House of Commons (this is a long drawn-out process, but we’ll definitely get there in the end. Watch this space!!!).

So, we’d be really appreciative if you’d consider voting for Gammon & Chips so I can hopefully make the Finals!

If you’ve appreciated the work that’s been done so far on the ‘Love for Izzy Dix’ campaign, and you feel like throwing a few clicks my way, then this is what you need to do:

  1. Visit this page and click on the ‘vote for them now’ link
  2. Vote for ‘Gammon & Chips’ in the ‘Commentary & Campaigns’ category

That’s it! Thanks so much for your support!

8 thoughts on “Wow! I’ve made the BiBs shortlist in the Commentary category! #BiBs2014

  1. I think what you’ve done in such a short space of time is just amazing; you have changed dear Izzy into a symbol of hope and love and justice. You have my vote x

    • Oh bless. Thanks so much Sarah. That is such a lovely thing to say! Looking forward to catching up again at BritMums! Xxx

    • Thanks Izzie – I really appreciate your kind words. It’s definitely something worth fighting for as it’s definitely rife and is something that can be improved. Don’t bully. Love instead. Love for Izzy Dix. Sending love to you. xoxo

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