Rainforest Adventure at Brighton Sea Life Centre

photo 150x150 Rainforest Adventure at Brighton Sea Life Centre

Chips in wide-eyed wonder

Just before the start of the school holidays, we were lucky enough to be offered a free family pass to the Brighton Sea Life Centre for the opening of their new Rainforest Adventure exhibit.

We love the Sea Life Centre in our household – mainly because Gammon has an almost encyclopaedic knowledge of all things aquatic, thanks mostly to Captain Barnacles and his crew of underwater do-gooders, The Octonauts. Gammon was very excited because the new exhibit sounded like one of his favourite episodes: The Octonauts and the Amazon Adventure.

The exhibit was at the far end of the building, so we had an amazing array of weird and wonderful marine life to admire before we reached the entrance. Gammon and Chips never tire of this place – despite this being their third visit, they continue to squash their grubby little faces up against the glass in wide-eyed amazement each and every time. The fish must be perplexed at why these two energetic kiddies are pointing at them with such wondrous vigour, but thankfully they’ll forget within 5 seconds, so hopefully no damage has been done to their mental health.

photo 1 copy 3 150x150 Rainforest Adventure at Brighton Sea Life Centre

Gammon perfecting his pointing

One of the best bits of the Rainforest Adventure section was the entrance – designed like the twisted roots of an old tree, there was a separate way in for children which involved climbing through a hole in these roots like a tunnel, while grown ups entered in a more routine fashion which thankfully didn’t call for any bending of the knees. Both Gammon and Chips loved this, and I loved the glossy floor throughout the area which had obviously been painted to make it look like there was water everywhere – it was actually pretty realistic because I had to touch it just to make sure!

Once inside there was exciting things to see, including an amazing slithering Anaconda, hungry Pirhanas, loads of tortoises, and Poison Dart Frogs – all which could have been straight out of Rio 2!

photo 4 copy 150x150 Rainforest Adventure at Brighton Sea Life Centre

Chomp chomp. Hungry Pirhanas

We then left the rainforest to walk beneath the waves in the Ocean Tunnel and tried to spot Lulu, the 70 year old sea turtle.

It’s the third time I’ve been to the Brighton Sea Life Centre and only the first that I’ve managed to stumble across the area above the Ocean Tunnel, where you can view the sea creatures such as exotic fish, turtles, sharks and sting rays, from above. They had a Glass Bottom Boat there, which we unfortunately didn’t have time to go on, but it looked like lots of fun being pulled across the top of the Ocean Tunnel and viewing the marine mayhem from above. Next time hopefully!

Disclaimer: We were provided with a family ticket to the Brighton Sea Life Centre, including entrance to the Rainforest Adventure, for the purpose of this review. All thoughts and comments are my own.


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