Themed Dinner Party Ideas For The Grown Ups!

Screen Shot 2014-04-14 at 08.20.08The dinner party – so popular in the 1970s – is back in fashion, probably thanks to the endless re-runs of ‘Come Dine With Me’ on TV.  If you want to invite your best friends around for an evening of wining and dining and fun, here are three ideas you could adopt to make your evening go with a definite swing!

Today is …

Every day is a holiday or special day in some part of the world. If you’ve got your day set for your next dinner party, then do a bit of research on the web to find out what’s special about that particular day. For example, September 19th is “Talk Like A Pirate Day”, so you could insist on everyone arriving dressed like a swash-buckler and serve salted pork washed down with rum. Know where to draw the line though – don’t serve biscuits that you’ve specially injected with live weevils for example, although you could get imaginative and ice jelly worms onto digestives! Just find out what your particular special day is, and then let your imagination run riot.

Razz – amatazz

We all love the chance to glam up a little, so why not get everyone looking their most stylish with a casino-themed evening? You could spice up your lounge with decorations made from old playing cards, and serve special cocktails such as ‘poker punch’ or ‘dealer’s daiquiri’. If you really fancy an authentic evening see if you can hire one of your friends to act as both bouncer and dealer for the night. Once dinner is done, clear the table and have a quick game of cards. If you find poker a bit too intense, why not try Razz instead? Its a fun version of poker where the lowest hand is the one that wins, not the highest.

Checkout the rules here and make sure to check the Cassava new games.

A blast from the past

Everyone – even Bruce Forsyth – was young once. Why not relive your childhood days with a menu that’s decidedly kiddy-fied? Cast your mind back to your tenderest years and see if you can remember what you had (to suffer) for school dinners. Spam fritters, crinkle-cut chips and alphabetti spaghetti? Gristly beef and rock-hard carrots in lumpy gravy with instant mashed potato? Tepid rice pudding with a dollop of jam in the middle? All washed down with a glass or two of weak orange squash. For added authenticity you could make up a play-list of all the top tunes of the era, then send everyone home to bed at 9pm!

Disclaimer: This contribution to the blog was not written by me, but by Alicia Wills, although I do like the Bruce Forsyth joke! If you do want to have a bit of a gamble, please make sure you’ve got your sensible head on.

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