BritMums Carnival at Gammon & Chips: Come join the party!

There ain't no party like a fairy bread party! (At least not in Australia!)

There ain’t no party like a fairy bread party! (At least not in Australia!)

Well, hello there!

And welcome.

My BritMums Carnival hosting gig has finally arrived! Yeah!

And I feel excited. Because this little shindig has a waiting list longer than a Welsh railway station sign. I’m so glad it’s finally here in all its glory.

So, please make your way down the hallway, help yourself to a glass of fizz, grab a toothpick (the cocktail franks are over by the piano) and mingle away.

We have tales of Easter, Spring, days out, celebrations of mothers, daughters and sisters, craft, cooking, thriftiness, giggles and much more.

So, without further ado, let’s kick off this party!Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 01.35.57

First up is the brilliant Amy C from Two Boys One Mum. Her post is all about something that as parents we’ve all been subjected to, but we probably just don’t have an acronym for yet – well, now we do: Unsolicited Parenting Advice. Check out her amazingly apt UPA flow chart!

Sian from Potty Mouthed Mummy introduces us all to The Mum Code – a list of the sorts of comments that mothers should never say to one another – or else expect an onslaught of 250 bpm face flicks.

With the warm weather threatening to make an appearance, Sarah from A Field Somewhere guest posts for the Festival Kidz website offering advice for all parents whose teenager is off to their first festival this summer.

Jodie from Mothering Frights tells us in 9 succinct reasons why ‘swimming’ would most likely be the first item to go into her Room 101 in Somewhere between the birthing squat and an impression of a sumo wrestler. All those, and then she almost drowned her offspring, taking us to a nice round number 10.

Charly from Podcast documents a delightful day out with her little girl in Capturing The Scene and shows us how exceptionally talented she is behind the lens – amateur photographer, my bottom! She needs to go pro!

Happy Healthy Mummy, Vanessa, has been indoor rockclimbing with her family. Fancy following her lead these Easter holidays?

Liz from The Mum Blog posts about a great internet resource that helped her to bring the First World War to life for her son.Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 23.34.01

Michelle from Mummy From The Heart asks parents whether they knew that the NHS recommends children should have eye sight tests every two years. Do yours?

Kate from Musings of a 21st Century Stay At Home Mum writes a very poignant post telling us Apparently it’s ‘Daughter’s Week’, and urges us to compliment our girls on their efforts and abilities rather than their looks.

And from daughters to sisters, where Kathryn from Bumps and Grind writes a lovely little post called We Are Family, reminding us all how important siblings are when the chips are down.

Me (Mrs Gammon) on Mother's Day

Me (Mrs Gammon) on Mother’s Day

From sisters to mums, and Claire from Confessions of a Single Parent Pessimist tells us in an absolutely beautiful Mother’s Day post What Makes (Her) Mum So Special.

Emma from Farmer’s Wife And Mummy reminds us that in order to be a loving mum, you don’t necessarily need to have given birth, as she celebrates her adoptive mum on Mother’s Day in Being a Mum – Giving Birth is the Easy Part.

Emmy’s Mummy, Clare, has been doing random acts of kindness this month, and asks Kindness – will you ‘Pay it Forward’?

Michelle from Twice A Mummy, Double The Fun has been getting her Easter on, and shows how to make Easter Finger Painting Canvasses.

If there’s one thing I support whole-heartedly, it’s getting your little ones all fancy-dressed up this Easter, and Laura and Tia over at Little Button Diaries have the most heart-meltable Little Bunny Dresses to make for your waskerley wabbits.

Spring is in the air, and Mummy of Two has been on a Mother’s Day trip to see little lambs – everybody say ‘ah’ (baa)!

Screen Shot 2014-04-08 at 01.38.49Speaking of ovines, are these not just the cutest little Tunnock Teacake Sheep you’ve ever happened to come across? I’m in little lamby sweetie heaven thanks to Claire from Foodie Quine.

And while we’re still on the subject of Spring, Claire from Clarina’s Contemplations gets her marigolds on and tells us all How to Spring Clean Your House using the ‘40 Bags in 40 Days’ method. Bum – now I’ve got no excuse!

Lisa from Hollybobbs’ low energy playtime ideas are right up my sleep-deprived street! She shows you how to make a fab car track out of old cardboard toilet roll holders. Mr Gammon recycles ours as nifty electrical cord tidys, but this is much more fun!

Emily from Tea Lady Mumbles’ toddler thinks she’s Bruce Willis from Die Hard. She explains how Slow And Steady Wins The Race when it comes to walking with toddlers.

And to finish, Aisha from Expatlog tells a beautifully written tale of love, loss and dog ownership in “D’ya like dags?”

Thanks for joining the party everyone! Please comment, share, tweet and continue to mingle long after the bunting has been removed. Oh, and Happy Easter everyone!

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