It’s time to go MAD for Gammon & Chips!

Gammon & Chips (

Gammon & Chips (

Yes folks – it’s that time of the year again.

It’s the time when bloggers who usually hide behind their laptop screens… well… continue to do just that… but they just do it a bit louder than usual.

It’s MAD Blog Award nomination time!

The time of the year where I ask very politely for your fingertips to do me a little favour on your keyboard.

I try to remain calm, composed, nonchalant even. That lasts about a day and then I can’t help it. I reduce myself to a shameless cringeworthy mess by begging, pleading, dropping to my knees and raising my hands in prayer. I become more annoying than the spine of a solitary novel placed the wrong way up on a bookshelf.

And for that I apologise in advance.

You see, the MADs are the crème de la crème of the parenting blogging calendar. They celebrate the best mum and dad blogs in the UK and last year I was humongously lucky enough to be a Finalist in the Best Writer and Best Family Fun categories. It was so lovely meeting a veritable menagerie of tip top bloggers as part of my MADs journey last year that I’d rather like to do it again.

And boy, was the awards ceremony one good shindig or what? I won’t lie. I kinda sorta massively overindulged, so I really don’t mind if your only memory of me is as a weird Australian girl with sunflowers stuffed down her cleavage. Don’t worry… I’ve already given myself a good talking to (*closes eyes and shakes head remorsefully*).

Anyway, let’s not dwell on that. Down to business.

So if you like what you read on my blog, I’d really appreciate it if you could do the following:

  1. Visit:
  2. Add your email address
  3. Next to ‘Parentdish MAD Blog of the Year’ write: Gammon & Chips
  4. Click on Next Page
  5. Feel very free to nominate my blog in the Best Writer and Family Fun categories too. This is the URL you’d need to type:
  6. There are so many amazing parenting blogs out there, so it’s definitely worth having a look at Tots100 and filling in the rest of the award categories!

And GIGANTIC thank yous and Karma coming your way!

Nominations close at midnight GMT on Friday 14th March.

Oh, and one last thing (on a serious note).

As some of you will have read on my blog over the last few months, a very close family friend of mine, 14 year old Izzy Dix, sadly took her own life due to bullying back in September.

Her mum, Gabbi, and I have started an anti-bullying campaign called ‘Love for Izzy Dix’ and we are lobbying the government for real change to the way bullying is dealt with in society.

So far, our petition to David Cameron to help us close or place restrictions on notorious cyberbullying website,, has over 112,000 signatures and we will be discussing this, and many other bullying-related issues, with politicians at the Houses of Parliament in the coming months. You can read about the campaign in more detail here and here.

I’d really like to raise as much awareness as possible this year in Izzy’s name and I’ve been using my blog to help publicise our campaign and its progress.

As such, I’d love for you to consider nominating Gammon & Chips for the MAD Outstanding Contribution award when the time comes and nominations open in a few weeks.

So far I’ve been interviewed by German, Japanese, Greek and UK TV; I’ve spoken on a variety of UK radio programmes; I’ve been quoted in several regional and national newspapers including the Daily Mail; I was invited to be part of the ‘How Blogging and Social Media can Change the World’ panel at Mumsnet BlogFest; I’ve promoted both national Anti-Bullying Week and Safer Internet Day; and I’ve been chosen as one of Tots 100’s 5 Most Inspirational Bloggers for 2013. And next week Gabbi and I are going to Westminster to start nattering with MPs.

I really hope that our campaign is educating young people and their parents in the UK and around the world about bullying and helping them to deal with what they may be going through. We really want to change this seemingly ingrained culture of bullying and use the power of love, kindness, empathy, compassion and respect to do so.

If you like the campaign, then I’d love a vote for Gammon & Chips when the time comes. Don’t worry, you know I’ll remind you 😉

Thanks so much. I really appreciate your support and I know Gabbi does too.

Over and out from me.





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  1. Such a sad story about Izzy. Happens far too much! Well done for doing something about it. Wishing you the best of luck with the awards and thanks so much for posting.
    MADs Editor

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