We’ve done it! Westminster, here we come!

Saturday was a great day.

At exactly 5.52pm, our online Change.org anti-bullying petition in the memory of Izzy Dix was signed by our 100,000th person. That means, we’ve reached our target in just four months.

374485_585599074861357_221945811_nTo us, this is massive.

That’s 100,000 people who have heard about Izzy and her mum Gabbi’s story and are now more aware of the damage that bullying can do to fragile teenagers.

That’s 100,000 people who have now heard of the social media website, Ask.fm, and whose ears will prick up if it’s ever mentioned by their teenagers.

That’s 100,000 people who want the government to intervene in the way the internet is run, particularly when it comes to protecting our children.

It seems that our campaign has struck a cord with the general public and as I write this, those petition numbers just keep going up and up – we are currently at 105,087.185002_10152072580420297_929286887_n

The media seems to have picked up on it too.

Gabbi’s story was featured in the Huffington Post today.

Amanda Platell (love her or loathe her) supported our campaign in Saturday’s Daily Mail.

And we’re starting to make our way to Westminster.

Gabbi’s MP, Dr Sarah Wollaston, asked a question to the Home Secretary about sexting and cyberbullying today in ‘Home Office Questions’ in the House of Commons (16:00 to 19:30 on BBC iPlayer link) and it brought up some interesting debate about issues we are extremely passionate about – the updating of Sex and Relationship Education in schools, and making it compulsory. There is a vote on the latter part of this in the House of Commons tomorrow and all of us here at ‘Love for Izzy Dix’ have our fingers and toes crossed that it will pass.

In early February, Gabbi and I will meet with Dr Sarah Wollaston to discuss our campaign next steps.

Those next steps will cover much more than just Ask.fm – we want to open a dialogue with Prime Minister David Cameron to discuss issues such as government intervention to keep children safe online, the accountability of social media networks, better education programmes in schools, support programmes for victims and bullies, increased parental awareness and responsibility, and the need for the police and schools to treat bullying more seriously.

If you’d like to support our anti-bullying campaign and help us to change the way bullying is dealt with in society, you can:

  1. Sign our petition.
  2. Like our Facebook page.
  3. Follow us on Twitter.
  4. Share us on social media.
  5. Buy a ‘Don’t bully. Love instead. Love for Izzy Dix’ anti-bullying wristband from Adband.

LFID_RGB_straplineThank you so much to each and every one of you who has already signed our #dontaskfm petition.

As a very close family friend of Izzy and Gabbi, and a mum of two myself, I’m personally determined to push this campaign as far as we can take it.

Izzy always wanted to change the world.

Looks like she’s going to make that happen.

Don’t bully. Love instead. #LoveForIzzyDix

15 thoughts on “We’ve done it! Westminster, here we come!

  1. This is so sad, but well done for getting so much support. I was bullied at school for having a ‘posh’ accent when we moved areas. It was a frightening and hideous time, I can only imagine the dispair these children must have felt. Well done for shouting out in their names #magicmoments

    • Thanks so much. Really sorry to hear you were bullied at school – it’s a huge problem and can totally scar the memories of some people’s childhoods – worse even. Thanks so much for your support. Much appreciated! xoxo

    • Thanks Vic – I’m still in shock… but yes, as long as Izzy can continue to make a difference to people’s lives, then we’ll keep going. Thanks again. xoxo

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