Parragon Book Buddies review

Chips loves her reading

Chips loves her reading

When I attended BritMums Live! blogger conference in London last month, I was very pleased to meet the lovely team from Parragon Books and they asked me if I’d like to become a Parragon Book Buddy.

I am passionate about children reading, so I jumped at the chance. I was read to constantly as a child, and as a consequence, sitting down with a good (usually classic) book when you are so involved in the world created by the page that you just can’t put it down, is one of my life pleasures.

I have read to both Gammon and Chips since they were born and our ‘bedtime story’ ritual is probably my favourite part of my family day.

Parragon kindly gave me two books to review – both part of their Little Leaners range and suitable for Chips, who is 19 months old.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

How I wonder what you are

How I wonder what you are. Image courtesy of Parragon Books.

The first (and Chips’ favourite) is Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, which also, coincidentally, happens to be her favourite song to sing at the moment.

The book is very simple. It features lovely illustrated graphics of owls, rabbits and mice and tells the story of the song. It’s also a sensory book, including 4 buttons, each one emitting a different sound (the song, shooting star, owl hoot, star twinkle) and lighting up in either red or yellow.

It encourages interactive play, language development and hand-eye coordination and is aimed at babies 1 year +. It retails for £5.99.

Chips love this book, and I often find her sitting over in the corner on her own playing with it. It’s made of wipe clean, sturdy cardboard, which is essential really, as it’s taken a bit of a battering since coming to live in our house!

Peek-a-Boo Rainbow

Image courtesy of Parragon Books

Image courtesy of Parragon Books

Made of the same sturdy cardboard as Twinkle, this one features cute illustrations of a variety of animals, and cut outs – where the ‘peek-a-boo’ elements comes into it – you can see adorable little insects peeking at you through the holes.

Essentially it teaches colours and interactive play and is billed as suitable for 0+ (I guess that means ‘from birth’ – if this is the case then that’s great, as I don’t think your kids are ever too young to start ‘reading’). It has a RRP of £4.99.

Chips likes to count the apples, make bird sounds, point to the butterflies and wave to the frogs.

Thanks Parragon for making Chips one very happy little lady.

*Disclosure: I received the above two books from Parragon to keep in order to write this Parragon Book Buddies review.

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