I’m going to Britmums Live! 2013

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If you’ve never heard of BritMums Live! or don’t live in the UK, then you have my permission to tune out now.

It’s a blogging conference that I’m going to this week in London, and everyone who’s attending has been asked to answer these questions below, put them on their blog and add their name to a Linky, so that everyone going can get to know more about their fellow attendees ahead of time.

So for anyone interested… here are mine. Looking forward to seeing you all there on Friday! Yeah!!!

Name: Maddie Sinclair (Madeleine Sinclair is my real name, and I was Madeleine Spence before I got married)

Blog: Gammon & Chips

Twitter ID: @maddiesinclair

Height: 159cms (yep, I’m short)

Hair: Blonde (Thanks to Nice & Easy 101)

Eyes: greyishy hazelly greeny blue

Is this your first blogging conference?

No, it will be my second – I went to BlogFest last year.

Are you attending both days?

Am hoping too… although attendance on the Friday arvo depends on whether I can palm off my two kids, Gammon and Chips, onto someone lovely and helpful!

What are you most looking forward to at BritMums Live 2013?

Putting some flesh to all the lovely cyber people I’ve met over the last 10 or so months since I launched my blog last year.

What are you wearing?

Absolutely no idea yet, although I’m sure it will be comfy, so most likely jeans and a top… and probably flats too. I’m just plain embarrassing in heels.

What do you hope to gain from BritMums Live 2013?

Some really useful hints and tips to take my beginner blogging to the next level. Plus meeting loads of the lovely and supportive bloggers I’ve been tweeting recently. And being inspired (and motivated) by the success stories of fellow bloggers.

Tell us one thing about you that not everyone knows

I wrote a Science and Nature question in the Genus II edition of the Australian version of Trivial Pursuit. It was something like “What is the common name for the jellyfish called the Portuguese Man O’ War?” The answer was “The Bluebottle”.

7 thoughts on “I’m going to Britmums Live! 2013

  1. Oh wow that is pretty cool, to have written a Trivial Pursuit question!! How did you get to do that? I’d really love to come and say hi on Fri/Sat as I used to live in Australia and miss it so much! Would love a chance to chat about, I don’t know, cherry ripes and You Can’t Do That on Television and Triple J and John Marsden books and having kookaburras land on your veranda etc.

    • Ha ha! I can definitely talk to you on all of those subjects, and would love to (although I think YCDTOT is Canadian, but we definitely had it in Oz, so it is in my repertoire!) will definitely keep an eye out for you Judith. We can start an expat corner of our own!

      The Trivial Pursuit question came about because my parents were friends with the people who ran the Australian version (who were friends with the original Canadian inventors). They asked my parents to research and write a batch of the Science & Nature questions, so we were encouraged to help them out too, hence my bluebottle question!

    • Ha ha! ‘Normal’ people do write them, in the sense that they asked my parents to do it (see my reply to Judith above), but like many things it was more of a case of ‘who you know’ (although my mum was a researcher, so had the credentials too). Are you going to BritMums? 🙂

    • Yes, lovely to meet you too Emma. I had a fab time. Yes, see you at the MADs and I’ll also go to BlogFest if I can!

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