Father’s Day

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Happy Father’s Day one and all! Image thanks to Legoland Windsor

So, yesterday was Father’s Day in the UK. We’ve been busy busy, but I did (for a change) actually get myself organised in advance and managed the following:

  1. I purchased Daddy Gammon a card
  2. I purchased Daddy Gammon some presents

We were to spend Father’s Day away from home – we were part of the contingent visiting Legoland Windsor as part of the #maddayout organised for MAD Blog Award Finalists, and we were staying over on Saturday night at the Legoland Hotel. And guess what happened in all the hoo har of getting ready to go?

  1. I forgot to pack the card
  2. I was told that the presents I’d organised to be delivered on Saturday morning were actually winging their way to me on Monday

So, on paper it was an epic Father’s Day Fail.

But… thanks to the MAD Blog Awards, Tots 100 and Legoland Windsor, we ended up having a day that totally epitomised all things Father’s Day – a happy Gammon, a happy Chips, a happy Mummy, and because he was surrounded by his happy family, a happy Daddy too. You just can’t beat the beauty of an experience as a present, can you?

There is nothing like a family outing on board a desert off-roader hurtling through an ancient temple armed with laser guns, battling evil mummies, dodging traps and skeletons in order to discover lost treasure in the Kingdom of the Pharaohs.

It was definitely a much better present than the best one I’ve ever given my own dad, which was this crazy book called ’99 More Unuseless Japanese Inventions’ – genuinely pants-wettingly hilarious, with such classics as the umbrella hat, duster slippers for cats and a backscratcher’s t-shirt with a grid so you can tell your scratchee exactly where they need to scratch (a bit like Backscratching Battleship… or should that be ‘Backleship’?), but not quite as exciting as a do-it-yourself Indiana Jones adventure.

But it does remind me that I need to Copyright my (obviously brilliant) idea for a franchise of whistling choirs – hmmm, I’ll have to look up Intellectual Property Protection on that one. Or maybe I’ll just bite the bullet and go ahead and start one up. Any takers? Pursed lips on the count of three please! One, two, three… now… whistle!

Happy Father’s Day to all those lovely daddies out there. I hope you enjoyed your special (and very deserving) day.

Disclosure: I received a gift in compensation for a link in this post



3 thoughts on “Father’s Day

  1. As a potential visitor (with a three year old) to Legoland I want more details about your Legoland experience please.

    • Hi Mich, thanks for visiting. The post that you mention is coming, it’s just not this quick one about Father’s Day in general. I’ll be writing up one in full detail about our day (hopefully) this week, which will have lots of lovely photos, and will tell all about our favourite bits. It will also be very specific to the age of your kiddiewink, as Gammon is 3 years old too. I would highly recommend it as a fantastic day out, but you’ll get to read that in the full post… which is coming! Keep your eyes peeled 🙂

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