Parcelgenie? Parcelgenius more like it! 30% discount on gifts with this fab app!

Parcelgenie - my new favourite timesaving app

Parcelgenie – my new favourite timesaving app

I am rubbish at acknowledging birthdays. And wedding anniversaries. And ‘bon voyage’ journeys. Come to think of it, I’m pretty terrible at sending any type of ‘I’m thinking of you’ type greetings. And that includes ‘get well soon’ messages. And ‘good luck in your upcoming exams’ gestures. And ‘congratulations on your Nobel Peace Prize win’ wishes.

It doesn’t mean that I haven’t remembered your special day. And it certainly doesn’t mean that I’m not thinking of you. It’s just that I am always terribly late at doing everything now that I have two children.

When you become a Stay-At-Home-Mum, the remembering and acknowledgement of special events is a tennis ball that gets well and truly smashed over to your side of the court before you’ve even had a chance to ask who’s playing.

You might be struggling through labour pains and concentrating on perfecting your gas and air to breathing ratio, but you can be pretty darn sure that instead of holding your hand, your partner is on his iPhone deleting his Birthdays Calendar and doing a little jig about this age-old and unspoken transfer of responsibilities.

Fudgy Cake Balls – a Parcelgenie fave!

Fudgy Cake Balls – a Parcelgenie fave!

Even though I now have three sides of the family to look after (‘mine’ and ‘his’… plus also ‘ours’), in this age of technology you’d think I’d have no excuse to do so badly. Wrong! Fat lot of good your are iPhone, with your maximum ‘2 days before’ Calendar alert and your silly Reminders app that desperately needs to up its nagging levels from ‘well… how’s about that? You might have something vaguely important on the horizon that may need your attention sometime soon, if it’s not too much bother’ to ‘URGENT! URGENT! URGENT! IF YOU DON’T SEND THIS PRESENT NOW, YOU MIGHT BE EXCOMMUNICATED BY YOUR INLAWS!!!’

But I was lucky enough to be sent some free voucher codes from a very clever local Brighton company and I now know that technology is indeed the answer to my problems.

My saviour comes in the form of a free mobile app that goes by the name of Parcelgenie.

Talk about simple! They call it the world’s first instant gift messaging app and here’s how it works:

  1. DOWNLOAD: You get the app for your phone from wherever you usually download apps from.
  2. CHOOSE: You pick a small real gift for a friend, from those listed on the app (prices include postage).
  3. PURCHASE: You enter their mobile number and pay for the gift.
  4. ALERT: Your friend receives an SMS saying they have a gift heading their way.
  5. TEXT: Your friend texts back their name and delivery address.
  6. DELIVERY: The gift arrives on your friend’s doorstep.
  7. LOVE: You brighten up your friend’s day, and feel happy yourself to have done so.
Gorgeous Elsie Belle swallow earrings

Gorgeous Elsie Belle swallow earrings

The app features loads of great little ‘thinking of you’ type gifts, including sweets, choccies, toys, beauty products, socks, books, jewellery, pampering kits, bloke gadgets, and more.

They’re all under £20, with the cheapest ones starting at £3.49 (not bad as it also includes postage) ranging up to £17.49. They add new gifts all the time and the app sends little messages to your phone about discount days when specific gift items are slashed by 25% or 50%.  I personally love these gorgeous Elsie Belle swallow drop earrings, and apparently these Fudgy Cake Balls (which are 25% off today) are a bit of a customer favourite.

You can even add birthday alerts so you never forget those important dates, or it lets you link them from Facebook if you prefer. There is also an online Loyalty Card where if you send 6 gifts, then Parcelgenie sends you a little something for yourself!

Rosebud Bath Salts – perfect for a relaxing soak

Rosebud Bath Salts – perfect for a relaxing soak

I recently had a situation where I had to attend an impromptu meeting (yes, I know, get me! My first meeting in about 4 years!) and I needed someone to quickly look after Gammon and Chips. My friend Jane very kindly offered to jump into the lion’s den and as a gesture of my appreciation, I very quickly organised (via Parcelgenie) to send her some lovely Rosebud Bath Salts – I figured she’d probably need some extreme relaxation pronto after an afternoon with G&C!

She received an exciting little text at the time, and the gift arrived on her doorstep the following day in a cute little box, beautifully wrapped in purple tissue paper with a little giftcard from me attached, ready for an evening of essential oil bath de-stress.

If you want to check out the app (which I highly recommend that you do – it’s fab!), Parcelgenie have kindly offered a 30% off voucher code to my readers, which is valid until around mid-July. Just enter 6A79A4 in the ‘Voucher Code’ section under the ‘More’ tab on the app – it’s dead simple.

Go for it! I hope you find the app as useful as I have. Oh, and just in case you’re wondering… my birthday is the 12th November. Happy apping! 😉

Disclosure: I did receive some free voucher codes from Parcelgenie, but I am 100% genuine when I say this is my new favourite app. It potentially solves a massive problem for me in my otherwise busy life. It’s really straightforward in design and is super easy to use. I absolutely love its simplicity, and I’m happy to give a local Brighton company, with such a good idea, a plug. 

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    • I know! Isn’t it brilliant?! So handy, easy to use, and well… just lovely really! And the app markets itself really well, giving you loads of reasons to go back, like little games where you Shake your phone and get a discount, etc. Full points for innovation from me! Glad you’re enjoying it. Spread the word! X

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