Sleep is beautiful!: Review of Dormeo Octaspring Evolution Memory Pillow

The topic of ‘sleep’ seems to have taken up a disproportionate amount of words on this blog to date. It’s mostly linked to sleep deprivation which is a turmoil we are going through as a family at the moment and generally goes a little something like this – Chips wakes in the wee small hours, I go to settle her, in the meantime Chips has woken Gammon up with her crying, Gammon then comes upstairs to our bed and we let him sleep with us, being too knackered to march him back down.

To add to this, our bed has seen better days. Two pregnancies, both of which saw me increase to the size of a Seaworld-fed manatee, have left a massive crater in our mattress which gives me lower back pain. Doug and I keep meaning to flip it over and turn it round, but we haven’t quite got round to it yet.

Evolution Memory Pillowcase

Evolution Memory Pillowcase

So, to say I was grateful to the lovely people at Dormeo Octaspring when they sent me one of their Evolution Memory pillows to review, is a massive understatement. A product which proclaims ‘sleep is beautiful’ and promises on its packaging that I will ‘wake up refreshed and rejuvenated’ – well, that’s for me! Bring it on!

I’d never heard of Dormeo Octaspring before this, but I’ve since seen that they are sponsoring the TV programme ‘Bedtime Live’ on Channel 4, the show that’s hosted by Professor Tanya Bryant and Jake Humphrey, where experts try to help families and children with sleep issues. If you’ve never seen this before, it’s a bit like EastEnders for the sleep deprived – you watch one episode and suddenly your own life isn’t quite so bad afterall.

Over the years, on my search for the perfect pillow, I’ve used memory foam ones before – although I do think they lasted even less time on our beds than it took for us to get round the Ikea store from where they were acquired. They now reside, vacuum packed, in the cupboard of our spare room and I doubt they are likely to see the light of day ever again. I found them extremely hard, not very mouldable, pretty damn hot and they gave me a cricked neck. So it was with quite a bit of trepidation that I undertook this review.

But I shouldn’t have worried. The Octaspring Evolution Memory was nothing like the previous memory foam pillow I’d tried. This one is special! And, to be honest, at £90 a pop, it really should be!

It belongs to a range of four memory foam pillows that feature the same technology used in Octaspring’s mattresses, with the Evolution Memory pillow constructed from 24 memory foam ‘Octapillow springs’ of varying comfort and hardness levels wrapped in a thick memory foam sleeve. Octaspring’s website claims that firm pillow springs support the area under the neck, and soft breathable springs support the head, resulting in a good sleeping posture which enables you to wake up ache-free and well rested in the morning.

One thing I really liked about the pillow was that it comes with a slightly padded zipable cover. You put your own pillowslip over the top of this, but it means you can wash it easily at the same time as your own pillowcase, so you get that extra level of cleanliness.

So, how did I fare sleeping on it? Well, really well actually. I’m a bit like a rotating doner kebab when it comes to sleeping – I start off on my left side, then I move onto my back, followed by my right side and eventually I end up on my front. This pillow is great for all those positions. I tried just using this pillow on its own one night, but it was too low (I’ve always been a two pillow kinda girl), so I prop it on top of my old duck feather pillow and the height is just right.

I don’t know how they do it, but over the course of the night your head just moulds into the shape of the pillow. You don’t notice this happening – at first the pillow seems quite firm and rigid, but by the time you’ve fallen asleep, you have somehow dissolved into the pillow, sunken into it, become one with it, like the feeling of a bottle of red consumed by the fireside pumping through your blood on a cold winter’s night.

Cross section of 'Octapillow springs'

Cross section of ‘Octapillow springs’

After two weeks of using the pillow, I’ve realised that I don’t have any back pain at all. My body doesn’t even notice the Vredefort-sized crater in our bed anymore, maybe the pillow has levelled out my nocturnal posture so the pressure has been taken off my lower back. I can’t really explain it, although these fancy diagrams showing the cross section of the memory foam springs may hold the secret!

So, would I recommend this pillow? Yes, definitely. Sleep deprivation may still be rearing its ugly head in our household with broken nights every second evening or so, but now that I’ve got my Dormeo Octaspring Evolution, at least the sleep I do get is beautiful.

Disclosure: I didn’t receive compensation to write this post, but I did get to keep the product sent to me.

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Dormeo Octaspring celebrate National Bed Month by proving that sleep is beautiful even on the busy streets of London. 

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  1. I have one of their mattress toppers, and love it. Am thinking of getting the pillow too.

  2. My pillow feels as hard as a bag of cement – both my husband and I hate it.
    On the other hand their mattress topper is heaven 🙂

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