Top 10 rainy day activities for kids

The following is a guest post by Nancy Parker from eNannySource, which is a US-based company which prides itself on matching up the perfect nanny with the perfect family. A former nanny herself, Nancy has spent plenty of time testing out these top 10 rainy day activity tips with the children she’s looked after, so you can be sure they will work a treat to keep bad weather boredom at bay! So, stop complaining about the recent run of snow, cold and rain, and get creative indoors with your kiddiwinks! Thanks Nancy!

Image of 'India Black and White' thanks to Anthony Kelly on Flickr

Image of ‘India Black and White’ thanks to Anthony Kelly on Flickr

Rainy days can be disappointing to children. They can seem a cruel way of nature keeping them from exploring the world and making the most of the outdoors. However, it doesn’t all have to be as gloomy as the skies outside. There are many things children can do indoors during a storm that will not only entertain them, but could help with the development of their brains as well. It is when the imagination takes over that ideas and dreams are created.

1. Indoor Bowling

There is a good chance that you have empty water bottles at home. Using a small ball and these bottles as pins, you could have a family bowling tournament. If you have a whiteboard and dry erase markers, you can add to the experience by making a championship scorecard on the wall.

2. Hide-and-Seek

This classic can entertain children of any age. The home can be a wonderland of places to hide and these games could go on for hours as children find new and inventive ways to blend into their surroundings. While some places may be obvious, you may be surprised by the ingenuity a child has for concealing themselves!

3. Board Games

Another classic to consider is the family board games you can buy at many high-street shops, charity shops or car boot sales. Many of these games are rated for children of all ages and can provide hours of family fun. Just make sure you choose games where you and your children are on equal footing.

Gammon's beautiful rainbow

Gammon’s beautiful rainbow

4. Homemade Art Show

Turn your living room into an art museum. A ream of paper can be put to good use as your children draw several “works of art” to hang up. Afterwards, assign a child to be the tour guide and explain each image. You’ll be just as entertained as the children as they explain each masterpiece.

5. The Circus

In a situation where you have many children to look after, such as when your children have friends around to play, assign each child to be a different animal in the circus and parade them around the room. Allow them enough time to research how each animal behaves and open the doors to animals of the world.

Gammon building a robot out of 'Build Its' from the Early Learning Centre

Gammon building a robot out of ‘Build Its’ from the Early Learning Centre

6. Building Blocks

Children of all ages love to create objects from blocks. While older children may find creating spaceships or a house with Lego enjoyable, younger children can do the same with Duplo blocks. You’ll be amazed at how well a child’s imagination can be stimulated by creating objects with these types of toys. Have you ever seen a spaceship with a flower garden mounted on the wing?

7. Talent Show

Children love performing in front of their parents. Hold a talent show where any skill can be put to use. Allow a specific time for practice and then let the show commence. It’s interesting to see what children choose to develop as their talents.

8. Making a Den

Children of all ages love making forts, dens and cubby houses out of nearly anything they can get their hands on. Making a den could entail nothing more than a couple of chairs and a large blanket. Of course, you can always offer ideas to make the structure more elaborate.

9. Cooking Class

There are many child-friendly recipes you can find to make, whether they are on the Internet or in your own cookbooks. Involve yourself with your children and whip up a batch of something tasty with them. Your little “helpers” will demonstrate why this activity is usually left for special occasions, but while it can be messy, it is a memory that will live with you forever.

10. Computer LAN Games

Gammon combining imaginative play with watching the movie 'Cars 2' by making his own drive-in movie theatre

Gammon combining imaginative play with watching the movie ‘Cars 2’ by making his own drive-in movie theatre

For technologically-advanced households, involve the family in LAN games (multiplayer games played across the one network) that create interaction within your home. Games such as “Worms: Armageddon” are fun for all the family as cartoon-ish worms you control battle it out across your own private network. These can be played as a group using a single computer as well.

Creativity, entertainment and using the imagination can make any time spent indoors on rainy days seem less restrictive. As the saying goes, “Time flies when you’re having fun”. And putting energy into projects with your child can make what might potentially be a long, drawn-out day, flash by without a second thought.

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Nancy Parker from eNannySource

Nancy Parker from eNannySource

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  1. There are some REALLY great ideas here :). I already sit through talent shows – and I love the idea of the art gallery and indoor bowling. Thank you so much for linking up to PoCoLo this week and for all your valued support 🙂 xx

  2. Going to have to keep this post handy – our young man has been ill this week and now that he is on the mend we need some indoor entertainment.

  3. Great ideas on here – seriously needed in those dreary winter months… Hide & Seek is the top fave in our house, can keep them entertained for at least 20 mins – whoo hoo! x

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