BritMums’ Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2013

BiB Writer category

BiB Writer category

It hardly seems like a week goes by without another round of blogging award nominations at the moment.

And, yes, here is another one! The BritMums’ ‘Brilliant in Blogging’ Awards 2013.

Sorry, I know that I’ve been asking an awful lot of you of late, my lovely followers, with regards to various blogging awards, but if you enjoy reading my blog, I really would appreciate a nomination in one (or even several!) categories.

I am told by a reliable source that this is the last parenting award of the blogging season, so normal life should be able to resume after these ones are done and dusted.

To nominate Gammon and Chips, please click here.

To make it easier for you, I’ve taken a screen grab of the nomination form, so you’ll know what you need to input:

Vote for Gammon and Chips!

Vote for Gammon and Chips!

Obviously you’ll need to fill in the section ‘Why do you feel this blogger deserves to win the Writer award?’ in your own words.

And you’ll also need to choose your favourite post from my site and copy the URL in. Here are links to a few of my favourites to narrow it down for you a bit, and the sorts of categories that they’ve been written under (in brackets):

Feel free to nominate me in as many or as few categories as you’d like. If you’re rushed for time, then just do one, or what you can manage.

If you’re sitting at home waiting for an organ transplant with time on your hands, then feel free to nominate me for all that are relevant (and Mum and Dad/close family, you fit in this category too – no organ transplants obviously, but get that iPad out while you’re watching the ‘7:30 Report’!)

So, the following 4 categories are really the ones I’d like to be considered for:

7. Writer category

11. Family category

13. Laugh category

16. Lifestyle category

You are OK to leave the other fields blank, or else have a look at some of the sites I follow down the RHS of my blog and feel free to nominate them too. Nominations close at midnight on Friday 12th April (Dad, you won’t forget this – it’s your birthday!)

As always, I’ll be eternally grateful! Normally I would be unsure if something like this is likely to have any effect, but seeing as I had such gobsmacking success with the MAD Blog Awards, where I’ve been shortlisted as a Finalist in two categories (either because I got lots of nominations, or because the judges chose my blog, I’m not sure) then I’ve firmly flushed my cynicism down the toilet and reckon it’s worth a shot!

Thank you so much again for following and supporting Gammon and Chips. I definitely owe each and every one of you a delicious, well-earned bevvy!

5 thoughts on “BritMums’ Brilliance in Blogging Awards 2013

  1. Hi Mad, Last week I sent off your request to a lot of names on my address book. I don’t know how many actually voted. But I do know that Ros McKinnon asked us over yesterday to vote for you, as she wasn’t quite sure how to go about it. But when we tried we couldn’t do it, and it eventually was revealed that voting had concluded. Sorry about that. We tried.  Good luck. When will you know the results? Love, Dad.


  2. Hi Mad, I’ve just sent off my vote. I entered you in a few additional categories to the ones you suggested. When writing why I thought you should win, I was tempted to add “and because she’s my daughter and I’m very proud of her”, ….. but I resisted. Goog luck. Hope you do well. Love, Dad(dles).


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