Gammon and Chips: The Portrait, by Ashley Jayne Nye – great gift idea

Gammon and Chips – Nye Portraits

Gammon and Chips – Nye Portraits

Today’s blog post is about a fab portrait that has been done of Gammon and Chips by a very talented lady called Ashley Jayne Nye.

Ashley is a portrait artist based in South East England who specialises in portrait art of babies, children and families.

All you need to do is to supply a photo of your loved ones and Ashley will work her special brand of magic over it to create a unique collage portrait, first sketching out the line drawing, then colouring in the flesh colours, before adding some lovely textured materials to areas such as clothes, hair, foregrounds and backgrounds.

They would also make a lovely wedding gift, and Ashley is happy to take special requests, doing her best to help with whatever is required.

I LOVE what she’s done with our portrait, especially the texture of the rug, which she has got absolutely down pat (it’s a green Ikea Hampen rug which looks exactly like grass!)

You can have a look at some of the gorgeous portraits she’s done for other families in her Portfolio here.

Ashley currently has a special offer on her website, where you can get a bespoke collage portrait and one A4 sized print for only £50 (normal price £89). You can also order extra prints on top of that – A4 sized are £15 each and A5 sized are £10 each – and you can even get your portrait framed for £10.

I think that these stunning portraits would make such thoughtful gifts – unfortunately all the UK daddies out there have just missed Mother’s Day, but mummies, Father’s Day will be upon you before you know it (Sunday 16th June), so why not contact Ashley via her Nye Portrait website and see what she can do for you and your family. I think her portraits are a lovely modern way of keeping your family memories alive.

Disclosure: I have not been paid for this blog post, but Ashley kindly offered me a free A5 sized portrait of Gammon and Chips in return for a write up. I am always honest with my blog posts and would never promote a product which I did not like myself.

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