MADDIE is going to the MADS!

I'm a Finalist - yeah!

I’m a Finalist – yeah!

Wow wow wow wow wow! I am so excited! A girl couldn’t hope for a better International Women’s Day!

Who’d have thunk it, but I’ve only gone and somehow got myself into the finals of the 2013 MAD Blog Awards! In not one, but two categories!

Yes, my lovely labour of love, my Gammon and Chips blog, is a Finalist in both the Best Writer and Best Family Fun categories. See for yourself here.

I’m ever so grateful to all those that nominated me, and I’m absolutely gobsmacked to have been recognised in this way in my very first year of blogging. What a great year it’s turned out to be.

And I get to don a spiffy frock come September and go to the awards ceremony in the big smoke of Londonian too. Oooh, the excitement! I’m not sure I remember how to talk to real live human adults anymore without the security of a qwerty keyboard in front of me, but I’ve got a few months yet to practice, so I won’t start to panic until at least late August.

Next week, voting will open, and I’m going to need your help again.

There will be an entry form which, upon its very release, will be subconsciously sending you mind-warp messages, willing you to type the words ‘Gammon and Chips’ into the ‘Best Writer’ and ‘Best Family Fun’ category listings. The cyber-coercion vibe will be so strong that resistance is futile. Your brain may as well give in to your clickety-clack fingers, which will instantly start tippety-tapping away. Your fingers will thank your brain. Your brain will thank your fingers. I will thank both your brain and your fingers, and the harmony of the universe will be restored. Booyakasha!

Seriously though, if you like what you read on this blog, then I’d really appreciate a vote. If that’s something you feel like you’d like to do, then watch this space – I’ll be back in touch with full instructions as soon as they are released by MAD.

All you ladies out there – I hope your International Women’s Day yesterday was as great as mine was. And all you fellas out there – I hope you had great International Women’s Days too. I still find it sad that we need an actual planned day to celebrate all things womenly, and I dream of a day when the talents of women throughout the world are just accepted as given, rather than specifically highlighted as such. But until then, I am thankful for the groundbreaking work that many women before me have done, even in only one or two generations. They have managed to make girls like me all over the world believe that we are true equals. The future is bright, ladies. Let’s embrace it!

Maddie 🙂

4 thoughts on “MADDIE is going to the MADS!

  1. Many congrats, Mad.  Of course, you can count on our vote. (Fancy naming the competition after you!) Love, M&D.


    • Congratulations to you too! I will do the same. Very much looking forward to meeting you in the flesh at the ceremony. I am still in shock. It hasn’t quite sunk in yet! So exciting! 🙂

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