Fancy dress-a-go-go!

Carrie Prom Nightmare costumer

Carrie Prom Nightmare costumer

Well, just to warn you now… this post isn’t about Gammon OR Chips – it is (please try not to shudder) about me – Mummy Gammon & Chips.

Just to fill some of you in on what I’m like – I reckon that if you did a straw poll of my friends and asked them to instantly name two things about me in life, I can pretty much guarantee that the vast majority would say this:

1. She is rarely seen out of fancy dress

2. She loves a bloody good bargain

So how excited was I when the lovely folk at Jokers’ Masquerade asked me to review one of their fancy dress UK costumes for my blog?!

Well, pretty damn excited, I can tell you, because Jokers’ Masquerade capture both points 1 and 2 of my personality above –­ they’ve got tonnes of cheap costumes!

This is coming from the girl who loves fancy dress so much that I convinced Doug that we should have a fancy dress wedding. Our theme was ‘Best of British/All Things Aussie’ (me being Aussie, Doug being British) and it was the most amazing fun I could possibly ever have imagined.

Charlene and Angus cutting the cake

Charlene and Angus cutting the cake

For the ceremony, I wore a proper wedding dress, and Doug wore a suit, (although all our guests were in fancy dress for the whole event) and then we got changed after the formal stuff. I was Charlene from Neighbours on her wedding day (yes, hideous white lacy 1980s taffeta dress with puffy sleeves, white Baby’s Breath flowers in my blonde corkscrew perm wig, and a spanner – she was a mechanic after all) and Doug went as Angus Young from Aussie band AC/DC (we got a brilliant props tailor in London to make him a maroon velvet school boy’s uniform, plus I got him a mullet wig and red inflatable electric guitar from Jokers’ Masquerade.

Our crazy wedding guests!

Our crazy wedding guests!

Walking down the aisle was probably the most surreal experience of my life – on my right a Womble was conversing with Dame Edna Everage, and a Box Jellyfish was happily chatting to his arch enemy, a Bondi Lifesaver, while a whole family of 118 men with moustaches looked on. On my left, Peter Andre and Jordan were in a heated debate with Margaret Thatcher, and Bananaman was hugging a Qantas Air Hostess while four Sergeant Pepper-era Beatles helped each other with their wigs.

Anyway, so enough of the nostalgia… back to the job at hand.

The item I was sent was a Carrie Halloween costume, which is called a Prom Nightmare fancy dress, and is a costume based on the Stephen King novel and 1976 film, Carrie. The outfit recreates the moment when the telekinetic schoolgirl, Carrie, is covered in a bucket of pig’s blood by school bullies at her high school prom and unleashes her special powers, which causes a tragic chain of events.

The Prom Nightmare fancy dress costume is even better than it looks online, especially because you get a tiara included as well – the package contains the dress, wig and tiara (all of which come pre-blood-splattered), and some red cream face paint to help continue the bloody theme. Unfortunately, though, you don’t get the blood soaked corsage that features in the photograph, but the fact that you get the dress, wig, tiara and make-up combined in one pack definitely makes costume shopping more convenient.

Carrie looking demented

Carrie looking demented

The dress is a full-length white dress with red spaghetti straps and a v-shaped neckline. The blood splatters are cleverly part of the material of the dress and look surprisingly realistic. With a bit of the red cream make-up added yourself to your arms, face and neck, this would start to look very gruesome indeed.

The dress is fairly tight-fitting and shows quite a bit of boobiture. I definitely wouldn’t leave the house in it without my Spanxs on, but I’ve had two children in the last 3 years and currently have lots of lumps and bumps which I’m desperately trying to get rid of before next Halloween (otherwise I’ll risk scaring more than just small children!)

Hopefully for Halloween 2013 I’ll be more streamlined and can premier my new Carrie costume at the annual Brighton Zombie Walk ‘Beach of the Dead’ event at the end of October (check out some photos here).

So, as a bonafide lover of all things fancy dress, I’d definitely recommend Jokers’ Masquerade for all your Halloween fancy dress and Halloween costumes. Why not plan ahead and buy now for next year? They’ve got some good out-of-season bargains that are definitely not too scary on the wallet!

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