Mummy, mummy, mummy… is it here yet? Is it here yet?

“How many more sleeps, Mummy?”

The build-up started in earnest about a week and a half ago in our house. You know the way it goes – the seemingly constant TV ads about it; the mentioning of toys every time we go within a 3 mile radius of a shop; the asking at least 15 times a day of “Mummy, how many more sleeps now?”

“Yeah”, I hear you reply. “The countdown to Christmas is a nightmare in our house too”.

But oh, no no no no. I’m not talking about Christmas here. Christmas is a mere dust particle on a duvet cover in terms of anticipation levels in our house. Christmas happens every year, without fail… but this event… it’s rarer than rare.

Since it was first mentioned by Gammon, the past week has dragged on ­like the sign for a Welsh railway station. But thank goodness… the big day is finally upon us. It’s the day that new episodes of The Octonauts are shown on CBeebies!!! Yeah!!!

Explore, Rescue, Protect!
Image: Copyright © 2010 Chorion Rights Limited

I’m not sure who is more excited by these happenings – Gammon or me? Gammon is pretty pants-wrigglingly-hyped, but to say I’m ecstatic to have a whole new range of sea creatures episode options to put on, is a massive understatement. I’ve watched the “Octonauts and the Giant Spider Crab” episode SO many times that I think I can repeat it word for word. How sad is that?

It’s a bit like how you listen to a mix tape so often that you know exactly which song is coming up next before it plays – I think I know the CBeebies show that is coming up next after every Octonauts episode that we’ve recorded on our V+ TiVo box.

In fact, when TiVo tells me that we’ve used 89% of our memory, it’s not new episodes of “Homeland”, “Wilfred” or “New Girl” that are saturating the poor little robot’s head-space – it’s bloody Octonauts and its 52 episode permutations.

Octonauts and the Colossal Squid – new episode on CBeebies
Image: Copyright © 2010 Chorion Rights Limited

So, the big day has come and gone. And what was Gammon’s reaction? Well, he watched it live and relayed back to me all that had happened in it. Then he asked to watch it again, relaying some new facts to me at the end. And then he started pleading with me to put the rest of the new series on while I (somewhat) calmly explained to him that we had to wait for a whole 24 hours until another episode is broadcast live (“what do you mean ‘live’ Mummy?” ­–­ it’s TiVo’s fault really, all this instant TV at our fingertips). And then what did he do?

He asked to watch “Octonauts and the Giant Spider Crab” again, of course.

Captain Barnacles is winking at me – don’t you think?
Image: Copyright © 2010 Chorion Rights Limited

Oh well. I guess to kids, familiarity doesn’t breed contempt.

And I’m not too bothered either – Captain Barnacles does have quite a saucy accent, don’t you think? Who would have imagined a polar bear could be so sexy?

Now, where’s that remote control got to?

14 thoughts on “Mummy, mummy, mummy… is it here yet? Is it here yet?

  1. my little boy LOVES these little creatures!, he has only just discovered TV and out of all the childrens programmes this is the only one he sits and watches!!

  2. Yes Jaime, it’s a gooden. It’s actually a bit of a lifesaver programme for me. Gammon is a wriggly one, and this is pretty much the only thing that keeps him still for more than 2 minutes!

  3. Ha, Octonauts – hilarious! I’m constantly hearing “Explore! Rescue! Protect!” but I guess it’s less annoying than some other shoes. At least it has good morals, every episode has something to take away. And you’re right, Captain Barnacles is slightly sexy… for a polar bear… slightly…

    • Yes, I agree Kelly. I actually enjoy watching this programme, which I definitely can’t say for something like ‘In The Night Garden’. Octonauts has good environmental and caring morals, and it is educational and shows that it is good to learn (characters like Dr Shellington and Professor Inkling are always looked up to for their vast knowledge of sea creatures). Maybe I’m reading too much into it 🙂 but I like this one. And Gammon does too, so I think it’s going to be on our TV for some time to come yet! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. I wish my twins were more hooked on Octonauts instead of bloody Thomas the Tank Engine! We watch so much of it that the twins know all the episodes verbatim. It’s a sad, sad state of affairs!

    • Oh, I’m lucky that Gammon has never really been into TTTE, as it’s not one of my favourites. Maybe try watching one episode of the Octs with your twins and talking about what they learn in it, and they might get hooked to learn more. Gammon loves it when we watch it together and talk about all the creatures and their characteristics.

    • Ha ha. Yes, he’s so authoritative isn’t he! I think he could get me to clean the Octopod from top to bottom with no hesitation by just asking me politely! Well, as long as there was one of Tunip’s biscuits waiting for me at the end.

  5. we are all about peppa pig – the programme that lasts for 4 minutes – what can one do in four minutes! I am hoping she will eventually move on to feature length films – then maybe I can get something done!

    • Yes, the optimum length of children’s episode is about 10 minutes I think – that way it’s long enough to get something of substance done while it’s playing, but not too long to wait when you tell them they are only having one last episode before going up to bed!

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