What’s your definition of relief?

The offending item

Today mine is:

  • “Not having to abandon an almost full (including frozen goods) shopping trolley in the condiment aisle of Sainsbury’s in order to take my son Gammon to A&E after he gleefully told me that he’d put a raisin up his nose”.

At least if I had gone to A&E I wouldn’t have had to fill in another form when I got there, as they should still have all my details on file from when I took Gammon there after he swallowed a Penny.

That time they swiped him with a metal detector to make sure that the coin was indeed in his stomach (and not caught awkwardly in his windpipe or something) and then they actually told me to keep an eye on him and let them know if there was any change in his condition (ha ha – I love a medic with a good sense of humour!) We literally had to wait for the Penny to drop.

The British currency dropped sharply

This time, just as I was heading over to the Pharmaceutical department to grab a pair of tweezers off the shelf, after instruction Gammon gave a few short, sharp, hard blows, and out flew the offending item (which he then promptly grabbed, put in his mouth and ate – in this time of recession and austerity, I’m glad it didn’t go to waste!) Phew!

What has your little one ingested? Or what did you shove in an unsuitable orifice when you were a kid? I’d love to hear some stories. Please leave them below as Comments for all to read, share, discuss and giggle at.

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