To be perfectly blunt, it’s too sharp!

ImageOK, so constant sleep deprivation over the past 8 months has clearly taken its toll. Gammon was up at 3.15am this morning, followed by Chips at 4.15am, then Gammon back up again for good at 6.34am. It must be the heat, as Gammon is usually OK. We might have to sacrifice the fan from our room in order to, strangely, get a better night’s sleep.

So, how has my sleep deprivation manifested into the realm of stupidity? Well, I was making lunch just now and slicing a tomato. I got to 3 slices and noticed that the Sabatier & Stellar knife’s va va voom was a little lacklustre – almost like it was sleep deprivated too. Then I realised that I had it upside down.

Doug had insisted that we spend a small fortune on a new knife block when we moved into our new house. I thought it an excessive luxury purchase at the time, but now… hmmmm. Can you believe that the wrong side of our Sabatier knives cut better than the right side of our old ones?

Has anyone got any cod liver oil I can borrow now that I’ll very publicly have to eat my hat in front of Doug? I think it’ll wash down nicely with my pride.

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