The adventures of Gammon & Chips

 The adventures of Gammon & Chips

Gammon & Chips – go together like England and wellies, drum and bass, Peter and Katie, and, well… Callum and Freya! Many thanks to Jamie Nicole at End Of The Branch blog for his brilliant G&Cs image.

Welcome to my new blog called Gammon & Chips, after nicknames we use for our two children. To find out how they got their names, check out this blog’s ‘About’ page.

The idea behind this blog is to document all the funny things, no matter how small or insignificant they seem, that happen in the world of parenting – specifically in the lives of Gammon and Chips, but I also hope that parallels can be drawn for other parents that will inform and, hopefully, amuse.

I am also the Campaign Manager for the anti-bullying campaign ‘Love For Izzy Dix’, after our dear family friend, 14 year old Devon schoolgirl, Izzy Dix, tragically took her own life on 17th September 2013 after being bullied at school, in the community and online. Please sign our petition, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.LFID RGB strapline 150x150 The adventures of Gammon & Chips

Plus, I’ll be shamelessly parading my freelance journalism work, much of which centres around topics such as pregnancy, birth, parenting, and family-friendly travel.

So, here we go… The Adventures of Gammon & Chips – because every day should be an adventure!

9 thoughts on “The adventures of Gammon & Chips

  1. Maddie, I just love the story behind the name! So CUTE!! Fabulous blog and very well deserved BiB’s Shortlisting – am honoured to be there with you! Hopefully meet up at BritMums Live xx

    • Thanks so much! They are very cute indeed (when they are being angels) but their cheeky eye glints are quite cute too (little devils!) Thanks for visiting! Defo see you at BritMums! :-)

  2. Hi there I just found your blog through Britmumslive group… just wanted to say hi and your blog is fab. Will be back to read more of your posts x

  3. Hi! Met you at 2000 trees this weekend along with ‘chips’. It was great to meet you, and I hope you had an awesome time , Paula xx (aka the one with the Vaseline!)

    • Hi Paula, lovely to meet you and thanks so much for the Vaseline – Chips’ bum was much better after that! We had a fab festival. Hope you did too and had a lovely time at Alton Towers on the way home. Thanks so much for visiting and good luck with your comps. I’ll let you know if I put any up on here! Cheers, Maddie xxx

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